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Intro to Toky
Intro to Toky
a crash course by the toky team

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What is Toky?

We get this question all the time.
Toky is a

phone system

Phone system

A set of phones (in this case, virtual) connected together to provide (typically to businesses) features like Call Monitoring, Forwarding, among many others.

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that helps



Anyone on a team who can interact with a Contact is an agent. Multiple agents can be grouped for specific purposes (for example, a Sales group within a company team).

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get in touch with



A Contact is anyone you call or text with for any purpose using Toky.

For example, if your business provides customer support, a Contact can be a customer who needs help. If you work in sales, a Contact can be a sales lead.

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in a centralized and easily manageable way.


What can Toky do for me?

We let you and your team:

Read more about our Features
1. call and text
Meet your Contacts anywhere they are.
Read more about Agents
2. Collaborate
Work together with your team.
Read more about Integrations
3. Integrate
Work with what you already have.


Why Toky?

This is what makes us different.
Read more about our Technology
Our technology
Toky was built with independence and flexibility in mind.
See our pricing
Our value
We offer competitive rates and plans.
See our reviews
Our five-star support
We're really here for you.
Check our Coverage
Our coverage
Numbers from more than 60 countries ready for setup.
See our Apps
Our apps
Take Toky with you.


What do I need to set up Toky?

Here's what you'll need:


A plan

One size does not fit all, so we broke our features down to three plans.


A phone number

For calling and texting. Get as many as you want.


the right gear

A computer or smartphone are needed. Headsets make it better.



Fees for calls, texts, and other services (that will depend on your use) will be covered by this.


a decent internet connection

To make sure Toky runs the smoothest.

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What about you?
Any questions?

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